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Find single women and men from Singles in Paraiba including Patos and nearby cities, Teixeira (22 km), Desterro (36 km), Santa Luzia (42 km), Imaculada (48 km), Sao Jose do Egito (50 km), Taperoa (53 km), Paulista (60 km), Sao Bento (61 km), Pombal (64 km), Caico (65 km), Tabira (69 km), Jardim de Piranhas (71 km), Coremas (73 km), Jardim do Serido (73 km), Pianco (74 km), Parelhas (77 km), Juazeirinho (77 km), Juru (83 km), Serra Branca (84 km), Sume (84 km), Catole do Rocha (90 km), Afogados da Ingazeira (90 km), Tavares (95 km), Belem do Brejo do Cruz (96 km), Monteiro (98 km), Soledade (100 km), Itaporanga (101 km), Carnaiba (104 km), Alexandria (105 km), Patu (108 km), Sousa (109 km), Princesa Isabel (112 km).

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Single in Patos
Results are based on a radius search of Patos, Paraiba with a Patos center lookup of:
R. Srg. Lourival Diniz
94 - São Sebastiao
Patos - PB

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Singles in Patos

There are approximately 274 registered profiles from Patos. Including surrounding areas of Teixeira, Desterro, Santa Luzia, Imaculada, Sao Jose do Egito, Taperoa, Paulista, Sao Bento, Pombal, Caico, Tabira, Jardim de Piranhas, Coremas, Jardim do Serido, Pianco, Parelhas, Juazeirinho, Juru, Serra Branca, Sume, Catole do Rocha, Afogados da Ingazeira, Tavares, Belem do Brejo do Cruz, Monteiro, Soledade, Itaporanga, Carnaiba, Alexandria, Patu, Sousa, Princesa Isabel, there are over 1,569 members and growing every day.